About Big Fin Scientific

Big Fin Scientific creates tough, waterproof, intelligently-designed equipment for Fisheries, Monitors and Fish-Science Researchers.  Nothing on the market compares to our durability and built-in technology.

About our Products


Our Marine-and-Fisheries-Edition Digital Fish Science Board is as smart as it is tough.  The 10MF1 features a 1 meter measuring envelope coupled with 1 mm accuracy.  On-board records-storage allows for the capture of 10K+ fish-records before transmitting to a PC for analysis, or fish records can to be sent to the PC in real-time.  Other features include wireless data transfer and a bomb-proof, roto-molded enclosure.


Our DFS/2 Digital Fish Science boards offer many of the same features as the 10MF1 and comes in a variety of slimmer enclosures to make the DFS/2 ideal for folks who need a highly portable option.  It uses an intuitive, feature-rich Android application to interact with the user.

DFS Android Application

The DFS Android Application runs on a wide variety of Android-powered devices and provides a reliable database for fish-records, as well as providing real-time fish-study metrics to the user.  Connect a scale, PIT tag-reader, GPS antenna, Bar-code readers or any other serial device and pull all the peripheral data into the database automatically.

About the Company

Big Fin Scientific is composed of seasoned engineers who are passionate about scientific research. Our mission is to supply rugged, inexpensive and user-friendly research equipment to Fisheries, Fish Scientists, Marine Scientists and other Researchers, enabling Humans to gather data on the health of aquatic animals and ecosystems rapidly and inexpensively.  In this way, we aspire to enable smarter decisions regarding our impact and use of our environment

At about 1/3 the cost of competitors’ solutions, we’re paving the way for low-cost acquisition of aquatic ecosystem data.  If you like what we’re doing, please “like” us on Facebook and send our info to your colleagues.

Our customers are government agencies, municipalities, fisheries and research institutions. The company is located in Austin, TX.