10MF1 – Marine and Fisheries Board

The 10MF1 Electronic Fish-Measurement Board

10MF1 Electronic Fish Measuring Board

  • 1 meter measuring length.
  • 1 millimeter accuracy.
  • 10 hour+ battery.
  • Black on green alphanumeric display (sunlight readable).
  • Built-in audio and LED signal flashes to user for completed records.
  • Extremely rugged housing made of roto-molded plastic.
  • Waterproof to IP-67 standards.
  • Large, stable measuring surface holds lots of critters.
  • Internal memory sufficient to store 10K+ fish records between uploads to your PC.
  • Easily transfer your fish-data to your PC in CSV format over Bluetooth wireless or USB.
  • Waterproof connector for USB and power hook-up.
  • Wireless-Data-Collection ready (Bluetooth)
  • Compatible with FEED and your custom, PC database program.
  • Customized fields and functionality are remote-programmable onto the EMB (no shipping your board).
  • Easily customized faceplate key arrangement and length/ruler decal key arrangement, to match your processes.
  • Dimensions and weight: 145cm long x 38cm wide x 17cm tall, 9.5kg. (57” long x 15” wide x 7” tall, 21lbs.)

Link to 10MF1 Datasheet

Link to 10MF1 User Manual


See the Gallery for videos of how folks use their 10MF1 to process tons of fish.

10MF1_Top_800 10MF1_Front_800 10MF1_Bottom_800


Overall Dimensions of the 10MF1
Technical Marketing Drawing – Overall Dimensions