DCS – Data Collection Station Boards (EMBs)

The DCS EMBs (Electronic Measurement Boards) work in-conjunction with an Android Tablet or smart-phone to supply the user with an intuitive and rich user-interface.  Note that you can use the DCS Android App with your 10mF1 and 10MF2, as well!  Let us know if that’s of interest and we’ll get you squared-away.

The DCS System

The Big Fin Scientific DCS System is comprised of 3 parts:

  • The DCS Fish-Study Board (acts as highly-accurate measurement and data-input device)
  • The DCS Application (runs on Android tablets)
  • An Android-based Tablet (with sunlight-readable 10″ screen) OR your existing computer and fish-database program.


The DCS Fish-Study Board

The DFS/2 Boards

• A variety of measurement envelopes are available, from 200 to 850mm.  (Note: Fish longer than the envelope can be measured with an available accessory.)

• 1 millimeter accuracy throughout the measurement envelope.

• Rugged and waterproof to IP-67 standards.

• Light-weight: (6-10lbs, depending on model.)

• Slim dimensions; easy to stow with other gear or throw in a backpack. **

• Waterproof cabling for data and power comes standard.

• Compatible with your custom, PC-based database program.

• Wirelessly communicate with your PC or an Android device running the Big Fin Scientific DCS Application via Bluetooth.  Or, connect it via USB for a wired connection.

• Fully customized decal available at nominal cost.  Completely customize the fish-board data-entry layout to match your protocols and data.

• 10+ hour rechargeable battery power comes standard.  Approx 4 hour charge time with the included power-supply and charge+usb cable (waterproof connection to the fish-board).

• The included magnetic stylus (used for length marking and data-entry on the fish-board) is not affected by sea or lake water, fish-slime or other contaminants.


The DCS Application

BFS Android Application Closeup

• Nearly unlimited number of fish records are stored on your Android-powered tablet.

• Real-time backup system backs up your data constantly to SD-card.

• Easily transmit/offload your fish-data in CSV format.

• Drag-and-drop data-field locations within the DCS Application.  Hide fields you don’t care about.  Customize on-the-fly.

• Audio feedback to the user for heads-down operation.

• Operate most functions on the tablet application via the fish-board; extreme conditions may render tablet touch-screen useless, so the fish-board acts as the data-entry device instead of the tablet.

• Record near-unlimited and totally customize-able fields related to your study and the fish you catch.

• Get real-time feedback on your study in the form of a histogram view and a study summary view, broken out by sub-sample and species.


The XSlate D10 Ruggedized Android Tablet

Rugged and waterproof Android tablet from Xplore Technologies
Rugged and waterproof Android tablet from Xplore Technologies

This tablet provides a sunlight-readable, 10″ screen, is ruggedized for rough handling and is water-resistant to IP65 standards.  See the full specs here:





** All DCS models are 127mm (5″) wide by 35mm (1 3/8″) tall.  The length is equal to the measurement envelope selected plus 20cm (7.8″).   Thus, a 50cm board (indicating measurement envelope) would be 70cm long (27 1/2″).  The 85cm board (longest available) would be 105cm long (41 3/8″).