User Guides and How-To Videos

Here, you’ll find documentation relating to the setup, use and integration of your Big Fin Scientific equipment and software.


DCS System Getting-Started Guide

DCS / DFS Getting Started Guide


DCS Android Application User Guide

DFS Application User Guide
DFS Android Application User Guide

Adding Peripherals to the DCS Application

The HPR PIT-tag reader from Biomark.
Adding Peripherals (scales, bar-code readers, printers, etc.)


Using the DCS Boards with your own Application

DCS Integration Guide


10MF2 User Guide

10MF2 User Guide


Use the DCS Android Application with your 10MF2

Using the 10MF2 with the DCS Application


Transfer Files from the D10 Tablets using Bluetooth

Transferring Files from the D10 with Bluetooth


Custom Key-Mapping in the DCS Android Application

Key Mapping in DCS


Platform Manager User Guide

Platform Manager Guide
Platform Manager Guide